We all have an interest in land. From there, a life sprouts and life comes to us. There is no doubt that the soil has taken us to miracles in every field from past to present. Every field that meets the earth turns into stronger facts. We wanted to get nutrients from the soil from this perspective; We wanted to enchant us with its aesthetic design, develop us with its technological infrastructure and make us feel the future by integrating with science. You will be fascinated by the technology of the future with our agricultural projects.

In our world, which is rapidly transforming energy, with our alternative, innovative and economical energy solutions in the field of energy, from smart green buildings to non-grid-connected settlements in the countryside … From farms that produces their own energy and consume on site self sustainable to roof greenhouses where you can not only produce hot water and electricity but also by vertical farming you can grow your own vegetables and fruits … Our energy is your energy and we carry you to the future …

Our journey in engineering began when the skills from the two engineers’ genes met a geneticist. When our previous work and dreams began to shape our next work, Taleres occurred that would work like bees and rise like bulls. Our passion for innovative ideas and different perspectives has enabled us to head off on an extraordinary path, and we are here now. We tied our belts, we are excited to bring our great ideas to life, are you ready too?

Taleres Media presents a different point of view by blending the aesthetic perception of basic scientists on the technical knowledge of engineers. The versatile approach to the work done enables the parts to turn into the whole faster and more effectively. It plays an effective role in the shine of the light of your existing work and the light of your work in the new formation. The Taleres family is willing to be the voice and color of your business while you take care of your business.

Considering the principle that education is one of the indispensable building blocks for a society, Taleres aims to ensure that new generations grow up as useful individuals for themselves and their communities by collecting and developing the educational tools offered by the latest technologies.

We aim to bring the high value-added products grown in our country to the target markets with the most effective methods, to maximize the satisfaction of our internal and external stakeholders. In this way, we operate on seven continents with the mission of ensuring that our geographically marked products see the value they deserve, and deliver the value of their labor to those who produce them.